Cases for Teaching Responsible Communication of Science, our NSF-funded project to develop teaching materials on normative aspects of scientists’ communication, to supplement existing training focused on effective communication

I’m co-organizer of the Science Communication @ISU project, bringing together faculty, researchers and graduate students from across the university who are interested in the public communication of science

One of our main activities is to organize each year the Iowa State University Summer Symposia on Science Communication, intended to be a unique space bringing together  humanistic and social scientific scholarship on the public communication of science.

Spreading the normative pragmatics gospel at argumentation workshops:

  • 2013 Rhetoric Society of America Summer Seminar:  Argumentation:  lead by David Zarefsky, who has brought in Robert Rowland, Jeanne Fahnestock, Frans van Eemeren and myself, as if he needed help.
  • Pre-conference workshop with Fred Kauffeld on “Regarding Argumentation from a Situational Perspective,” Centre for Research in Reasoning, Argumentation and Rhetoric, University of Windsor, May, 2013.
  • Co-leader, Workshop on “But why is the force with you? Humanists explain persuasive effects,” Centre for Research in Reasoning, Argumentation and Rhetoric, University of Windsor, May, 2011.
  • Seminar leader representing the rhetoric/communication perspective at the Summer Institute on Argumentation, Centre for Research in Reasoning, Argumentation, and Rhetoric, University of Windsor, May-June, 2009.

Other national outreach on science communication issues

Local support for scientists communicating

  • “Communicating Climate Change: Earning trust with diverse audiences.” Invited talk to the Iowa Climate Science Educators Forum, Drake University, October, 2013.
  • Humanities Consortium
  • Guest lectures to graduate student groups, e.g. recently
    • “Communicating Science to Public Audiences,” to PLPM 628X, Improving Your Professional Speaking Skills, October, 2013.
    •  “Some knotty problems in communicating about wind energy,” to Wind Energy, Science, Engineering & Policy seminar, October, 2013.
    • “Communicating with OTHERS” (with Michael Dahlstrom), to the Sustainable Agriculture Colloquium, March, 2012.